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MAY 28 - JULY 23, 2024 • Knoxville, TN

About Smoky Mountain Collegiate League (smcL)

The Smoky Mountain Collegiate League is in its 7th season and will be held in the Knoxville area.

The SMCL features 24-32 games a summer and is designed to allow athletes to work or take summer classes. The league plays 4 games a week. There is an opportunity to work events and other activities on the weekend. The league starts at the end of May and goes through July. The University of Tennessee is renovating, so games will be played at Knoxville Catholic and other fields in the area.

Registration for 2024 will begin on November 1st and will be open until May 20th.

MAY 28 - JULY 23, 2024 • Knoxville, TN

Event Information

In the sixth season of the Smoky Mountain Collegiate League, BC Athletics won their first championship against regular season Copperheads. We had several players selected to the SMCL, with Andrew Kribbs being the pitcher of the year and Hudson Lutterman being the hitter of the year.

Congratulations to the SMCL All-Tournament Team:

Pitcher of the Year:

Andrew Kribbs

Hitter of the Year:

Hudson Lutterman


Brayden Evans – BC Athletics
Luke Thompson – BC Athletics
Max Bowers – BC Athletics
Dustan Green – BC Athletics
Andrew Kribbs – BC Athletics
Ben Zyburt – BC Athletics
Brennan Cohen – BC Athletics
Tai Lizdas – Eagles
Max Duckwiler – Eagles
Ryan Lee – Eagles
Matt Kilbey – Bears
Matt McCart – Bears
Josh McGaskill – Bears
Colby Phillips – Bears
Hudson Lutterman – Copperheads
Ian Hubbard – Copperheads
Miller Spence – Copperheads
Dylan Owens – Copperheads
Drew Hoover – Copperheads
Ben Sompayrac – Copperheads

Travel Information

North Division
Apartment Complex in West Knoxville
Contact Brett Carroll at: 865-603-1518

Apartment Complex in Morristown
College Wood Apts

Both apartments are fully furnished and very reasonably priced.

north division teams


Eagles have been coached by Zack Long or Dalton Long for 4 years; the Eagles are winners of 3 out of 4 years in the league. They also have had 2 players drafted off their team.


Have won one title and have been coached all 4 years by former MILB Player and Catholic Coach Caleb Moore. Copperheads have had 3 players drafted off their team.


Won the regular season in 2021 and have been coached all 4 years by Travis Hart who has over 20 years of coaching experience.


Have been coached by Jordan Norton for last 3 years. They have had one player drafted from this team.


Came into the league in 2021 and is organized and coached by former MLB player Brett Carroll.
This league will be great for our guys to play in, as they have to stay on campus in the Summer, and it will give them the ability to be able to see live pitching and get to compete in a collegiate environment.
Ross Kivett
UT Assistant Coach
July 2020